Process control

Smart decisional support for an innovative mildew treatment approach
An innovative and technological approach in the baby leaves and wholehead growing is nowadays essential due to several factors:
  • The big scale of the farming area involved;
  • the wide range of baby leaf varieties grown in the farms;
  • the critical issues related to organic farming;
  • our increased commitment to limit the application of pesticides in the conventional farming.
A combination of weather control units in the farms and a specific software enables us to better understand the climate conditions and the possible trends, helping us to take the best decisions in order to:
  • prevent the possible diseases (mildew and other fungal issues, bacteriosis)
  • optimize the timing and volume of treatments (pest control, weed control, antifungal)
  • draw and assess a reliable weather trend
  • manage the harvest timing and cycle
  • improve the farming management (irrigations, fertilization, rotation of the cultures)
  • process data that can be useful to plan future decisions (i.e. replacement of cultures in a soil that is not suitable; selection of resistant/tolerant varieties)